We are very proud to announce that Junior SUI 77 was able to defend their title in the Open Division and Spanish team Bribón Gallant E16 took home the 6mR World Championship trophy in the Classic Division. Congratulations!

For all the 6mR World Championship 2017 results click here.

All Trophy Winners

Open Division

1st:      SUI 77 Junior, Philippe Durr & crew
2nd:    CAN 129 New Sweden, Ben Mumford & crew
3rd:     K 12 St. Francis IX, Andy Beadsworth & crew

Classic Division

1st:      E 16 Bribón Gallant, H.M. Don Juan Carlos de Borbón & crew
2nd:    US 81 Goose, Peter Hofmann & crew
3rd:     KC 19 Saskia, Lars Grael & crew

Djinn Trophy (highest placed Classic)
E 16 Bribón Gallant, H.M. Do Juan Carlos de Borbón & crew

Astor Cup (highest placed at the end of racing with one crew 25 years or younger)
1st:     K 12 St. Francis IX, Vince Barrelet (23)
2nd:   USA 127 Sting, Sammy Shea
3rd:    GBR 94 Wildcat II, Aidan Koster

Lucie Trophy (highest placed including a female crew)
1st:      CAN 129 New Sweden, Erin Christy
2nd:    K 12 St. Francis IX
3rd:     KC 19 Saskia

KSSS Cup (highest placed Classic Rule 1 or Rule 2 boat)
1st:      US 55 Lucie, James A. Hilton & crew
2nd:    USA 43 Sprig
3rd:     US 40 Saleema

Nelson Trophy (The highest placed boat among those first constructed and certificated as a Six Metre between 1966 and 6 September 1979, which have had no alteration to their underwater shape other than permitted modifications to the rudder.)
1st:      USA 114 Scallywag, Craig Healy & crew
2nd:    I 72 Nuvolari
3rd:     USA 102 Pacemaker

Baum & Konig Trophy (highest placed boat sailing with wooden spats (mast boom and spinnaker pole) and white sails)
1st:      US 55 Lucie, James A. Hilton & crew
2nd:    USA 43 Sprig
3rd:     US 51 Totem

Jean-Pierre Odero Trophy (The award remembers Jean-Pierre Odero,  a Frenchman who did much to help the class. It is awarded each year at the discretion of the Association President to recognise a significant contribution to the International Six Metre Association.)
Thomas Kuhmann

Certificates (to acknowledge their valuable contribution to the class and their involvement in the organization)
Beat Furrer (European Championship 2016)
Rainer Muller (World Championship 2017)

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Westerleigh Cup Winners

Open Division:
1st:       CAN 129 New Sweden, Ben Mumford & crew
2nd:     SUI 77 Junior
3rd:      K 12 St. Francis IX

Classic Division:
1st:      US 55 Lucie, James A. Hilton & crew
2nd:    US 87 May Be VII
3rd:     KC 19 Saskia

All Westerleigh Cup Results


Watch the races as a replay here.  




A big THANK YOU you to everybody who contributed to the success of the International 6 Metre Class World Championship 2017; All our sponsors who helped us realize our vision, RVYC for hosting this event, ISMA, our Organizing Committee (led by Erin Christy, who did a fabulous job as our Chair), all our on-site volunteers who helped tirelessly and with great enthusiasm, everybody involved who helped repair boats in a timely manner, RVYC members who supported the event by moving their boats or providing their boats and time to spectators, media, and last but not least all the participating teams and supporters who came to Vancouver for a fabulous week of sailing and social gathering.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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