About Six Metre Boats

Watch this fun and informative 6mR video by DownieLive that gives you a quick introduction on the Sixes.

With a history spanning over 100 years, the International Six Metre Class (6mR) represents the perfect fusion of performance and elegance. In its heyday, “Sixes” was the most important international racing class, involving the greatest naval architects, and in 1908 it was chosen as an Olympic class.

Requiring a skillful 5 person crew, the Six Metre boat is 10 to 12 meters long: the number six being the result of a formula taking into account various parameters of length, weight, surface of sail: a challenge for the architects!

The Class is undergoing a renaissance. Older yachts are being restored and moderns are being built. Of the more than 1200 or so built since 1907, over 400 are still in existence, 300 of which are in racing condition.

Today, there are active fleets in Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Austria, Spain and South Africa.

The 6 Metre World Championship is a biennial international sailing regatta in the 6 Metre Class organized by the International Six Metre Association. The principal trophy is the Six Metre World Cup. Proudly, Vancouver and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club will host the 1st World Cup 6mR to be held in Canada. Please join us!