38 Entries / Early Bird Ends Tonight! Fridolin and Selma Took Advantage of the Significant Discount

38 Entries / Early Bird Ends Tonight! Fridolin and Selma Took Advantage of the Significant Discount

As of this hour, we have 38 boats registered in total, which is super exciting! 20 Open Class and 18 Classics, see the full list to date here

FIN 12 FRIDOLIN and K 30 SELMA have taken last minute advantage of our early bird pricing to register for the #6mRWorldChampionships! Only hours left for significant savings, as our Early Bird deadlines ends tonight (March 15th) at midnight! Register now!

Name: Fridolin (ex Fridoliniksi)
Sail Number: FIN 12
Year Built: 1930
Designer: Tore Holm
Builders: Holms Yachtvarv, Gamleby

History: FIN 12 Fridolin was built in 1930 but has been fitted with at least 3 ballast keels; original lead (confiscated for bullets in WWII), replacement iron, replacement lead. The most current one was cast in 2002 (as of 2013).

The ship owner Curt Mattson brought Fridolin to Finland in 1933. The vessel was registered NJK register and it’s got the sail emblem L-12. Curt Mattson spent his childhood in Mariehamn and was both an eager and skilled helmsman. He actively and successfully participated in competitions both at home and abroad. In 1980 Fridolin changed owners and received a makeover to be able to compete.
Fridolin’s racing career performances include a bronze medal in the 2005 World Cup in Sweden, silver in the 2010 World Cup in Newport, USA, and gold at the 2013 World Cup in Flensburg, Germany.

She has a very interesting history – and those who can read Finnish should check out her story at: www.6mr.fi


Name: Selma
Sail Number: K 30
Year Built: 1926
Designer: Johan Anker
Builders: Anker and Jensen boatyard







History: Selma, a 6mR designed by Johan Anker and built at the Anker and Jensen boatyard in 1926, has known several owners. She has recently been purchased from an Englishman who brought her to Morbihan, France. She is now undergoing some restoration work at the Candela boatyard in La Rochelle, France, under the supervision of Bruno Barbara. On the below website you will find some information on Selma, as well as some details on the progress of the job.