Upcoming Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines


July 31: Additional Information Form

Please return the Additional Information Form by July 31st, if you haven’t done so already. There are many things we still need to know about you! What races are you participating in? Crew member names? Boat details? What social events do you wish to attend? Polo shirt sizes? (Please note that each registered team member will receive a Stormtech 2017 Worlds “Special Edition” CREW polo shirt, compliments of Odlum Brown Limited – but we must know your size!)
Please complete and scan this information to Registration.

August 14: Official Merchandise Now on Sale

Check out our “Special Edition” 6mR World Championship 2017 merchandise and pre-order for your team, family and friends by August 14th!


Stormtech 2017 Worlds “Special Edition” Polo, white        Stormtech 2017 Worlds “Special Edition” Jacket, electric blue                    Stormtech “Original” Jacket, navy blue

All merchandise will be ready at Registration upon your arrival.

While limited quantities of 6mR Official Merchandise (hats and polo shirts only) will be available for purchase at the RVYC during race week, it is best to order in advance to ensure you get the size and model you want. Click here to purchase.

August 15: Family & Friends’ Interest Form

We would like to make sure that accompanying family and friends have a wonderful time in Beautiful British Columbia as well. Tell us what you like to do and we will try to arrange for a host who can either guide you, or give you some valuable tips. Please complete and scan the Family & Friends’ Interest Form to Lois Ker as soon as possible, but no later than August 15th.

ASAP: Customs Clearance / Visitor Visa

If you need help by a Customs Broker, please use our partner Davidsons & Sons. Detailed information can be found in the Clearing Customs link. In the same link you’ll find visa information in case you need to apply for a visitor visa and need a Formal Invitation Letter from RVYC.

ASAP: Social Media

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