Welcome Hanko III

Welcome Hanko III

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Welcome HANKO III – She will be on the line in #Vancouver for the World Championship. Who else will join her?

Boat Name: Hanko III
Sail: US 96 (ex. KC 30, ex. N 82)
Year Built: 1955 
Designer: Bjarne Aas
Builder: Bjarne Aas
Owner: Thomas Kuhmann

Originally built as a lottery boat for the KNS (Royal Norwegian Yacht Club) and sailed by Crown Prince Olav in her initial season, this 6m with mahagony planks and oak frames was completely restored in 1996 and immaculately maintained since that time. (Source 6mrnorthamerica.com)
Hanko III, a 1955 Bjorne Aas design, has been sold by owner and boatbuilder Ron B. Keys of Bainbridge Island, Washington, U.S. ,to Thomas Kuhmann, Munich, Germany. Hanko III,
originally built for Crown Prince and later King Olaf of Norway, has been part of the Northwestern fleet for a number of years, and will continue to be for the next years. The buyer Thomas Kuhmann [has had] her shaped up into full racing condition over the [past] two years by Eric Jespersen`s boat yard in Vancouver Island and [will] race her in the 2017 World Championship.This way, his 1924 2nd rule Aloha II and 1946 3rd rule Mena could become part of the 6 Metre boat pool planned to be able to invite Class outsiders to our future racing events.” Thomas Kuhmann (from 6metre.com)

(photos from Google images)