Clearing Customs with the Help of our Event Customs Broker

We would like to encourage you to use the services by our event customs broker Davidson & Sons Customs Brokers. The advantage of doing so is, that our event will be registered with the border agency, under a specific business number. By mentioning “International 6 Metre Class World Championship 2017 in Vancouver” you should experience a smooth customs clearance of goods (boats) as well as crew.

They will use electronic data transmissions to customs in conjunction with the carrier to ensure when the shipping container is unloaded on the dock that the containers will already have cleared  so they can be delivered to the unloading location.  That way you will not have to worry about lengthy delays and storage charges.

If you need help by a customs broker, including getting a visa, if need be, please contact Davidson & Sons directly, thank you:
Stefanie Lane,, +1.604.681.5132

Application Form to have Davidson & Sons as your Customs Broker

CBSA Event Recognition Letter: To all non-Canadian attendees, please attach this document to any boxes or packages being shipped to Canada for this event. This will give you Border-to-Show privileges for a fast clearance. If you have any questions in this regard, contact