Getting your Boat to Vancouver

We recommend shipping your boat to Vancouver as follows:

  • Use of a 40′ high-cube open top container
  • Via Panama Canal (approx. 42 days) or via Montreal and rail/road
  • Mast can be sleeved or transported separately. Please contact us for further information.
  • Costs: Approximately US $10,000 – $15,000, (both ways) from Europe

2015 World Champion Llanoria is a wooden boat, not fiber glassed, and has been shipped five times in a high-cube open top container without any damage.

Detailed information on boat logistics can be found in this .pdf document.

Questions? Contact Peter Hofmann at

Loading Tsigane in Brunnen, Switzerland for her journey to Vancouver, BC, Canada

Off-loading St. Francis X in North Vancouver in 2013 (rigid open top high cube container)

 Loading Blade in France, June 2015 (canvas open top high cube open top container)