Classic Boats for Charter


Boat Name: CaVa          Sail: KC 12, ex. D55          Year Built: 1938

Designer: Wedellsborg          Builder: Nordbjaerg          Owner: Rainer Muller

History: CaVa was originally built as a lottery boat for the Royal Danish Yacht Club. She was imported to Canada in the early ’50’s and made her way to Vancouver in the 60’s and was owned for many years by the Miller brothers. Bob Gardner purchased her in the late 80’s and kept her in Comox, on Vancouver Island, where she was raced by the longtime 6 meter enthusiast, Norm Gardner, Bob’s dad. Randy Cunningham had the boat beautifully restored by Mark Wallace Shipwright and sailed her from 2001 – 2010. Rainer Muller purchased Ca Va in 2010 and had her extensively updated structurally, again by Mark Wallace. She received a new lead ballast keel created and installed to an updated Don Martin design. This replaced an iron keel she had been using since post WWII. Along with the new ballast keel, Mark also replaced the entire centre line of the boat at this time – keel, stern post, horn timber, new bronze floors, re-framed and refinished.

Accomplishments: CaVa recently competed in Seattle at the 2013 Sailing World NOOD regatta, the 2013 Sir Thomas Lipton Cup and the Westerleigh Regattas in Vancouver, B.C.


Saskia II

Boat Name: Saskia II, ex. Erin, ex. Glicky          Sail: KC 19          Year Built: 1934

Designer: Fife          Builder: Fife          Owner: Rainer Muller

History: Saskia II was relaunched after a major restoration performed by Mark Wallace outside Sidney, B.C.

Saskia II was built for Sir A.S.Young to race on the Clyde, in a very active fleet of six metres, and represents the superb craftsmanship of the Fairlie builders at their peak. It is a testimony to the skills of these hardy men, who produced these “stradivarius’ of yachts, on the cold shores of the Clyde in Scotland, that these boats are still being appreciated and revered. Saskia II was chosen as part of the 1934 British team to compete in the British American Team Race Challenge in 1934, and was shipped to the States, but was unsuccessful against the American 6 Meter’s which were then starting to dominate the class. Saskia II found her way to the Pacific Northwest in the 50’s or 60’s where there was a very active fleet. As do all Fife meter boats of this era, Saskia II had wrought iron floors in her bilge’s, which after 70 years haves wrecked havoc on frames and planking. The entire bottom of Saskia II has been rebuilt, all iron work replaced with cast silicon bronze [to the original Lloyds specifications] damaged frames and planking have been replaced or repaired. She is just completing a stem to stern authentic restoration that will take her back to her original 1934 configuration.

Accomplishments: Saskia II was shipped back to Newport, Rhode Island in September 2009 for the International 6 Metre World Cup, placing a very respectable 6th of 24 in a highly competitive field including win in heavy air race #3.  In 2010 Saskia made the trip to both Port Townsend, where she won the Olin J Stephens II Classic 6 Meter North Americans, and to Port Madison, where she was among the boats used for the Queen Christina Nations Cup. In 2011 Saskia II became 13th at the 6mR World Championship in Helsinki.


Elisabeth X

Boat Name: Elisabeth X          Sail: N 80          Year Built: 1947

Designer: Bjarne Aas          Builder: Bjarne Aas          Owner: Rainer Muller

History: Elisabeth X was designed and built for a KNS (Royal Norwegian YC) syndicate in 1947 and for a couple of years owned by Fredrick Horn under the name “Cutter”. The famous Finn Chr. Ferner sailed her to two Scandinavian Gold Cup victories in 1951 and 1952 plus also securing a silver medal in the last Olympics the 6mR participated in ( Helsinki ’52), being edged out in the last race by USA’s “Llanoria”, skippered by Herman Whiton. After the Olympics, Bryan Newkirk, who also owned Buzzy II, purchased Elisabeth and brought her to Canada, renaming her KC9 Bibis, after his grand daughter. She sailed in the Toronto area for many years.

More history here.

From Hans Oen – 2002:

“I knew about her whereabouts but not her condition and after tracking her down and long negotiations with a medical doctor, I finally owned her with my partner Charlie Hoffmann. We trucked her down to Larchmont, New York, in the early spring of ’99 and only had her in the water for about 30 days before she was loaded into a container and shipped to Hanko, Finland. She has now participated in one World Championship, one European Championship and two Nordic Championships during the four years she has stayed in Scandinavia. We thought it was really fun to receive a silver medal at the Rungsted, Denmark Europeans in August 2002, almost to the day 50 years after she received her Olympic silver medal in Helsinki.”

Accomplishments: Elisabeth X came 8th of 24 boats in the 2009 World Championship in Newport RI and ranked 10th at the 6mR World Championship in Helsinki in 2011.


Boat Name: Starwagon          Sail: KC 79 (ex US 79)          Year Built: 1937

Designer: Herman Whiton          Builder: A.E. (Bill) Luders          Owner: Rainer Muller

History: Starwagon was designed to compete in the various races taking place in Bermuda and on Long Island Sound in 1938. Whiton had previously designed, collaborated on or owned several sixes, including Frieda, Cherokee, Indian Scout, Light Scout, and Erne. It was a big year for the USA sixes based out of Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, with competitions in the early season in Bermuda for the Prince of Wales Cup, the Astley-Cubitt Cup the Governor’s Cup and the King Edward VII Challenge Cup (now known as the Bermuda Gold Cup). Selection trials for the defense of Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup, the Scandinavian Gold Cup and British-American team races began in late May of that year. Starwagon sailed in Bermuda and on Long Island Sound through the 1939 season and after WWII made her way to Lake Ontario through the 50’s then to the Puget Sound in the 60’s. Starwagon has been based variously in Sidney and in Vancouver for the past 15 years and is currently receiving the treatment in order for her to be ready for the 2017 ISMA World Championships in Vancouver, B.C.