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If you are a yachting journalist and would like to write about our International 6 Metre Class World Championship, please get in touch with our PR Consultant, Chris Freimond, thank you.

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Here’s a piece about Vancouver and the host club.  Thanks to

And here’s a fun and informative video about 6mR sailing by DownieLive, our videographer for the 6mR World Championship 2017.

In the News

June 15, 2017: article in July 2017 issue of Pacific Yachting

August 17, 2017: article about our World Cup in Pacific Yachting

August 19, 2017: Sailing Illustrated

August 28, 2017: Vancouver Courier

August 28: The Westender

August 28, 2017: Scuttlebut Sailing News

August 29, 2017: North Shore News

August 31, 2017: Yachts & Yachting

September Issue: Pacific Yachting (p. 46, p. 56-59, p. 66-69)

September 1, 2017: 48 North

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6mR Sailing in Vancouver

Photography by Dana E. Olsen. All rights reserved.

2016 Queen Christina Nations Cup


2016 European Champion, Classics:
US 83 Llanoria

Photography by Jacqueline Banz

Team Tsigane at the 6mR European Championship 2016

Photography by Jacqueline Banz

Team Woodoo at the 6mR European Championship 2016

Photography by Jacqueline Banz

Photo Credits
We would like to thank the following photographers and companies for letting us use their photos on our website:
Dana E. Olsen, Lucho Berzek, Tony Griffin, Jacqueline Banz and Tourism Vancouver.