Entry List / Boat Info

Here is a list of registered competitors.

Boat Info – Classic

KC 12     Ca Va
US 65     Challenge
N 80       Elisabeth X
N   71     Flapper
FIN 12    Fridolin
US 90     Fokus III
ESP 12   Gallant
US 81     Goose
US 96     Hanko III
KC 26     Kitsita II/Sira
US 83     Llanoria
US 55     Lucie
US 72     Lulu
US 87     MayBe 7
GBR 52   Mena
US 94     Ondine
US 73     Saga
US 40     Saleema
KC 19     Saskia II
US 43     Sprig
KC 79     Starwagon
US 51     Totem

Boat Info – Open Division

US 118       Arunga
GBR 106     Bear
CAN 111     Blade
US 122       Capriccio
SUI 118      Courage
FIN 78         Evalina
CAN 123     Finnegan
USA 107     Frenzy
SUI 77         Junior (ex Fleau)
GBR 90       Lyonesse
CAN 107     Max’inux/Tsigane
CAN 136     New Sweden
SWE 114    Notorious
I 72              Nuvolari
USA 126     Pacemaker
US 112        Ranger
US 114        Scallywag
US 128        Scoundrel
SUI 132       Sophie II
US 127        Sting
US 100        St Francis V
US 112        St Francis VII
CAN 135     St Francis IX
CAN 94       Wildcat

Please note that some of the boat bios in the above links are outdated. We would like to take the opportunity to update our current info on participating boats. Therefore, please send us your boat bio for use on our website and in newsletters. Take a few moments and describe your boat, and your team. Attach a photo or two if you have them. If you have a website for your boat, please send it to us and we will include it. The boat bio can be sent to info@6mVancouver2017.com. Thank you.