Rigging Crew

The unloading and loading of your boat is in excellent hands with our team of pros.

Adam Thomson, Rigger, First Yacht Services
– Has been sailing/racing for 15 years including several Vic-Maui races and 6M events (rigging and sailing)
– First Yacht Services has been in operation since 2004
adamthomson@6mVancouver2017.com / www.firstyachts.com / FB: First Yacht Services

Steve White, Rigger, Steve White Rigging
– One of the most skilled and well respected yacht riggers in the Pacific Northwest
– Business owner since 1980
stevewhite@6mVancouver2017.com / www.stevewhiterigging.com

Nigel Ashman, Boat Builder
– Master Mariner, Yachts
– 15 years in Vancouver on projects up to 330′


Portrait photography by Lucho Berzek. All rights reserved.