Getting Around Vancouver

Vancouver’s top hotels are located in the downtown core, approximately six kilometers from the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

A taxi from downtown Vancouver to the RVYC would cost approximately $20 CAD.

Cycling is very popular in Vancouver and the city’s network of dedicated bike lanes make cycling easy and safe. Bike rentals are readily available. Helmets are mandatory.

There are also public busses which run from downtown Vancouver to Kitsilano, where the RVYC is located.

Crews may wish to rent a car for the duration of their stay. Free parking is available at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Most hotels offer parking for a fee.

Getting into the city from Vancouver International Airport

A taxi from Vancouver International Airport to downtown hotels costs a flat rate of $35 CAD. The Canada Line (a new train line built for the 2010 Olympics that connects the airport and downtown Vancouver) costs $10.50 CAD. Both modes of travel take about 30 minutes. If you are taking the Canada Line, get off at Vancouver City Centre and walk or take a taxi to your downtown hotel. For more information, visit Tourism Vancouver.